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Kay Chapman

Intrigued by how people tick, passionate about helping employers solve their employee ‘challenges’, and a keen tramper …it was a winding and varied path that brought Kay Chapman to the point of founding Chapman Employment Relations in 2011.

Kay’s OE lasted several years. She has held international senior management positions, has a BA majoring in Chinese; did a stint in the Army; has been presented with some awards and worked for years in consulting, human resources and employment law. These are some of the experiences that have shaped the pragmatic and effective approach Kay uses to help her clients reach a resolution.

“I focus on the people and what motivates them. There are processes to follow and they are very important, but never as effective for getting the outcome needed as understanding the psychology that drives behaviour.” Kay Chapman

Christine Summerville

If you want straight talking, with humour and empathy, Chris is your Consultant. Her credibility comes from years in industry, and in role from Credit Control to HR Management. Her career began in Ericsson in their early days and as they expanded. She travelled the globe, experienced massive business growth and has implemented a global development programme to ISO requirements.

Chris is a problem solver, getting to the core of issues quickly, and all tempered with a heart of gold. “Pragmatic and results focussed, with an eye on the big picture”, is how Chris describes herself. Her clients agree.

An absolute wealth of business experience and a willingness to share it.

Marie Hall

Marie always instils confidence in her clients. She achieves this by her depth of knowledge and thoroughness. Her knowledge has been garnered from many years in industry and a Bachelor in Business Studies, majoring in HR. She has held senior HR positions as well as working in governance roles in national organisations.

As a senior practitioner her skills extend beyond HR, ER and H&S. Clients value the holistic approach Marie takes when assisting their business, looking beyond the obvious to help get the best outcome for the client.

Assessing the different options for resolving a problem, and always putting the client’s needs at front and centre, Marie has a long list of loyal clients who simply rave about her.

Donna Scholfield

Donna is described by clients as their saviour when they find themselves short of HR capability or capacity. With over 20 years of experience in HR, payroll and systems, it is Donna’s attention to detail and incredible work ethic that makes her so invaluable.

Donna attributes her work ethic and compassion for small businesses to her parents experience as business owners. Donna recognises the endless hours, effort and stress that comes with owning and managing a business.

It is that understanding of small business that gives Donna the satisfaction she has in her role. “An employer has plenty of other things to do. I can help solve some of the things that keep them awake at night.”

Working for 17 years in the public sector, ultimately leading an HR team before moving into the private sector, Donna is detailed focussed, a team player and has an endless supply of positivity.

Claire Chambers

With a background in education, Claire developed her resilience and extraordinary skills in managing challenging situations while working in East London school’s dealing with strategic and team management, compliance, & child protection.

She entered the world of Employment Relations after completing a Graduate Diploma Business and Administration – Human Resources. Claire has worked across many industries, and when she isn’t reading employment case law for fun (seriously-she does this), she is hanging out with her beautiful wee girls.

Katrina Carson

If the number of clients who have asked us to clone Katrina is anything to go by, then we have ourselves an absolute diamond.

Katrina is our everything in the office. There is no position title that adequately describes all she does. As well as business development and admin, Katrina also provides many of our recruitment services, an area she particularly enjoys after a number of years working in the industry.

A representative softball pitcher in the past, Katrina continues to demonstrate those key attributes of tenacity and analytical skills. She is a supportive, caring and empathetic colleague and supporter of our clients.

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