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Payroll over Easter

The easter eggs and hot cross buns are already in the shops! An excellent reason to indulge in more chocolate and also a reminder to put our minds to what employees are paid over the Easter period. This is why it is necessary to eat chocolate. So go and grab that easter egg you hid from the children/partner and settle down for some revision.

April 7th is Good Friday – a public holiday. Monday 10th April is also a public holiday. Oddly, Easter itself is observed on Sunday 9th April, however, is not a public holiday, but most shops are not allowed to open.

The usual rules apply for Good Friday and Easter Monday.

  1. If it is a normal working day for the employee and they don’t work, they are paid relevant daily pay.
  2. If it is a normal working day for the employee and they do work, they are paid time and a half for all hours worked on that day and get an alternative day (lieu day).
  3. If it is not a normal working day for the employee and they work, they are paid time and a half for all hours worked, however they do not get an alternative day (lieu day).

Easter Sunday has its own set of rules.

  1. If an employee works on Easter Sunday, they are paid their normal wages.
  2. If you are a shop and are not allowed to open (because of Easter Trading laws), this does not prevent you from requesting your employees come to work to undertake stock taking or deep cleaning for example (subject to this change in duties being permissible in their Employment Agreements).
  3. If your shop will be open or you are providing work in some other way you must advise your employees at least four weeks before (but not more than 8 weeks), that they have the right to refuse to work and they do not have to give a reason. If they take this option, they do not get paid.
  4. If you do not offer work and Sunday is their normal day of work, you are still required to pay them unless you have an alternative arrangement in their Employment Agreement.

There are many possible twists and turns and variations to the standard working week so if you have any questions at all, please call one of our consultants.

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