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Wellbeing Resources & Other Support  

Here are a number of sites you may find useful to stay abreast of changes, access financial and workplace supports as well as managing your staff and your own well-being.

Wellbeing Resources:

  • Mementia– seeks to normalise mental wellbeing in workplaces; to support organisations to function positively and proactively with regard to wellbeing and to enable leaders to better lead and curate wellbeing in their places of work.
  • Mental Health Foundation– Five Ways to Wellbeing, a framework that is scientifically proven to increase wellbeing.
  • Wellplace– from the Health Promotion Agency and covering physical and mental wellbeing.
  • All Right? – for tips for mental wellbeing.
  • 1737 – text for support for wellbeing.

Other Support:

  • Kiwi Boost – for business information and support including COVID-19 guidance.
  • Work and Income – for financial support specific to COVID-19.
  • NZ Business – Government website for businesses and specific information relating to COVID-19.
  • COVID News – latest government updates.
  • COVID Media – latest conferences.
  • Worksafe – mix of info and support for businesses.
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