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COVID-19 Policy Pack – Now Available

The latest COVID-19 Lockdown is a timely reminder of the myriad of implications for organisations. Having a plan beforehand is incredibly beneficial and having already considered at least some of those ‘what if’ questions, decision making in the crisis becomes easier. When your team knows what to expect in advance it also helps with communication and expectations.

Our COVID-19 Policy kit will help with some of that. It is based on the premise that vaccinations will be encouraged by the organisation.  It includes:

  1. COVID-19 General Policy
  2. COVID-19 Vaccination Policy
  3. COVID-19 Leave Policy
  4. Vaccination Status Questionnaire
  5. Vaccination Posters
    • Debunking vaccine myths
    • How the vaccine works
    • Vaccinate for loved ones
    • Won’t happen to me
    • Stay at home 1
    • Get the Facts 1

We have purposely priced the pack significantly lower than its value. The cost is $375 (+gst), and free for charitable and not for profit organisations. The primary reason is we want to be part of the community effort to encourage vaccinations. We see this as the best pathway out of yoyoing through lockdowns, opening the borders, supporting businesses, protecting our friends and whanau and ensuring our hospitals are not overwhelmed.

If you would like a pack, please contact Katrina at [email protected] or your usual Consultant.

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