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Payment for the Public Holidays

When we come out the other side of this I think Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig will be the winners. If I can’t focus I take a journey to that pantry I haven’t spring cleaned. All of 11 steps from my office. Two weeks ago I was walking an average of 30,000 steps a day. So I need to do 1,363 return trips daily to the pantry to achieve that. I’m about on target!

We have two public holidays in the next few days and this raises a number of questions.

In short, there is no change to how you pay public holidays for Good Friday and Easter Monday. What may have changed is the rate you pay them at, and/or whether the day is now an otherwise working day for the employee.

Here are the basics and the questions that may stem from that. Click here for full details

The good news is we have a third day in a row of reduced numbers of new COVID-19 cases. As the Prime Minister said, I am cautiously optimistic. A glass of wine is needed to celebrate – another trip to the pantry!!

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