Successful People Management


6 x 2 hour sessions either at your venue or Chapman Employment Relations, 56 Waimea Road, Nelson

Session 1: Effective Communication 1
Session 2: Effective Communication 2
Session 3: Bullying in the Workplace
Session 4: Health & Safety
Session 5: Managing Difficult People
Session 6: Everyday Performance Management


Effective communication is a critical skill for successful supervisors and managers. Unfortunately we often carry through our communication styles from earlier in life, and find it difficult to adjust how we communicate in differing circumstances.

These 2 x 2 hour workshops will enable participants to recognise their own communication and behavioural styles, the challenges different styles present, and adopt new communication tools for alternative circumstances.

Session 1

- Why don’t they understand what I’m saying?
- Barriers to effective communication
- Understanding yourself and others - Identifying personal communication styles
- Verbal and non-verbal components of communication
- Assertive, aggressive and passive communication
- Three point communication
- Responding Not Reacting: Keeping the Emotion Out
- Giving and Getting Feedback

Session 2

- Review
- Handling criticism and other forms of manipulation
- Distinguishing between ”reasons” and “excuses”
- Handling "difficult" people and situations without being aggressive
- Negotiation, Persuasion, and Influence


Bullying in the workplace is a difficult issue to deal with. This 2 hour workshop is designed to raise their awareness of what bullying is (and isn’t), strategies to prevent it, and what to do if they are advised of bullying in the workplace. This workshop will enable participants to adopt an effective initial approach to concerns about bullying, ensuring the steps they take meet the employer’s legal obligations. In this hands on workshop the participants will learn about:

-  What is bullying?
-  Bullying versus strong management
-  What does the law say?
- The effects of bullying
- Prevention
- Investigating claims
- Taking action


The impact of not meeting your legislative requirements in health and safety can be significant. Although the financial implications are an important factor (and the possibility of prison), keeping your employees safe should be the driver. A clear understanding of the health and safety legislation is essential, alongside your organisation’s policies and procedures. This session will guide managers and supervisors through their legal obligations and introduce the ideas and strategies that will assist you to ensure your business is as healthy and safe as possible.

- The cost of getting it wrong
- Do what is reasonably practicable
- The legislative framework
- Hazard/Risk identification
- Managing training and supervision
- Monitoring the workplace
- Reporting accidents


What can be done with the person that just doesn’t fit in, or worse, their behaviour is confrontational and uncompromising? Personality clashes and ongoing disharmony is costly for business, and the employee needs to be either effectively managed in the business or managed out. We explore the traits of various personality types and ways to manage them.

- The ABC Behaviour Model
- Traits versus behaviour
- Influencing behaviour
- Understanding the motivation
- The “Dead Person” request
- Identifying challenging personalities
- Strategies for managing them


This session covers tips on how to effectively utilise informal performance management processes, both when performance isn’t at the standard required and to assist your staff who regularly perform well to continually look at how they can keep improving their performance.  This session includes tips on developing and coaching others on the job.

- Developing People
- Positive Reinforcement
- Giving and receiving feedback
- Coaching styles
- Continuous Improvement
- Accountability
- Performance versus behaviour
- The performance improvement plan

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