Preventing Bullying & Other Undesirable Behaviours

Date/Time: 6 November 2019, 9.30am - 1.00pm 
Chapman Employment Relations, 56 Waimea Road

Cost: $310 + GST/delegate (2 delegates $585 + GST, 3 delegates $855 + GST)     Register Here

In this interactive workshop the participants will learn about:

-  What is bullying?
-  What other undesirable behaviours may be observed?
-  Bullying versus strong management
-  What does the law say?
-  The effects of bullying and other undesired behaviours
-  Prevention
-  Investigating claims
-  Taking action
-  Case study review

Learning objectives:

Participants will learn…
- what behaviours they believe are undesirable in their workplace and the damage they can cause
- what legislation applies, what they need to do and where to go for help
- the steps to take to aid the prevention of bullying and other undesirable behaviours in their workplace

Course Outline:

What is Bullying & Other Undesirable behaviours at work & how to deal with them.

The legislation
Definitions: sexual harassment, racial harassment, harassment and bullying
The impact of harassment or bullying
What staff should do if they feel harassed or bullied at work
What Supervisors/Managers and the business must do
Resources available and what happens when you make a formal complaint

Preventing Bullying & Other Undesirable Behaviours

Defining your desired workplace culture
Good management practices
Setting out clear standards of expected behaviour
Bullying/Undesirable Behaviour prevention policies
Assessing workplace culture
Responding to complaints of bullying (informal response and formal investigations)

Case Study

The workshop will conclude with a review of key learnings, utilizing a case study

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