In-House Training Seminar - A Great Place to Work (2 Hours)

This 2-hour seminar is designed for teams within a workplace, including staff, team leaders and managers. We encourage management to attend with their team, to get the maximum potential from this workshop.

Benefits to your Organisation and Learning Outcomes:

• Identify the ideal workplace culture and be able to describe what would or wouldn’t happen in that culture

• Clarify what behaviours are unacceptable and provide a few communication tips and the processes staff can follow to address this

• Ensure everyone understands the legislation that relates to unacceptable behaviour

• Assist managers to know the best way to continue to improve the culture going forward

Course Content:

Identify legislation relevant to unacceptable behaviour

Discuss and define Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination

What is not bullying (but may still be unacceptable)

How to prevent unacceptable behaviour

What not to do

Investigation process

False allegations of unacceptable behaviour

Tips for a happy workplace

Discuss follow-up homework: setting 2 – 3 actions

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