Effective Performance Appraisals

Many employees have a desire to work productively and to extend their own knowledge and skills in their employment role.  An effective performance appraisal process can enhance employee performance, productivity and relationships in your business.  

Unfortunately, some employees (and managers) are apprehensive about attending a performance appraisal meeting and they can become emotional, demotivating or confrontational.

In this interactive workshop, we explore approaches to the performance appraisal process. We examine how to manage our own anxieties as the Appraiser, along with the possible reactions from our Appraisee.

  • The purpose of an appraisal.
  • Feeling confident as an Appraiser by having a robust appraisal process to follow.
  • Understanding how your Appraisee may be feeling and how to deal with their reactions.
  • Knowing how to actively listen to your Appraisee and paraphrase what they say, without judgment.
  • Clearly indicate how the Appraisee is meeting the required standard as well as when the Appraisee is not meeting the standard.
  • Demonstrate a problem-solving approach to help the Appraisee reach the required standard.
  • Focusing forward and planning for future success.
  • Bring the performance appraisal meeting to a positive conclusion with agreements and further review dates.

If you are interested in attending this workshop please email katrina@chapmaner.co.nz to register your interest. 

If you have a minimum of 6 participants we can run this workshop inhouse at a time to suit you. Please contact us for details.