Upcoming Training Workshops


Payroll – What You Need to Know  

This workshop is designed for payroll operators who want to have a better understanding of the Holidays Act and how to apply it to their own staff payroll scenarios. (Even if they are confident using an online payroll system but don’t know the ins and outs of the Act). We will cover the essentials you need to know as well as the practical application of paying employees in various scenarios.  Course outline

Nelson: 20 March 2019                          Blenheim: 15 May 2019 

The Ultimate Team Leader

This workshop is our most popular and develops your team leaders and supervisors in areas that enable them to be better than average; they can become the ultimate team leader. Course outline

Nelson: 10 Apr or 12 June                  

Preventing Bullying & Other Undesirable Behaviour

Bullying and other undesirable behaviour in the workplace can be disruptive and difficult to deal with. This 3.5-hour workshop is designed to raise awareness of what bullying is (and isn’t), strategies to prevent it, and what to do if you are advised of bullying in the workplace.  It also covers other types of undesirable behaviours and how to identify and address these.

Participants will learn how to adopt an effective initial approach to concerns about bullying, ensuring the steps they take meet the employer’s legal obligations.Course outline

Nelson: 8 May 2019                       Blenheim: 28 May 2019        

In-Housing Training

We offer a range of training topics tailored to your business, either at your venue or ours. Min 6 - Max 15 people

A Great Place to Work

Two Hour Seminar
- designed for work teams (staff and their manager). It looks at how to achieve your desired culture, what behaviours are unacceptable and how to address these. Seminar outline

3.5 Hour Seminar - examines the topic of A Great Place to Work in more detail than our 2-hour programme. We encourage management to attend with their team, to get the maximum potential from this workshop. Seminar outline


Successful People Management

A series of 6 x 2 hour workshops that will assist team leaders and managers to become more confident and competent in handling everyday problems that arise when managing staff performance. Series outline

Enquiries: katrina@chapmaner.co.nz or 03 545 0877

Other In-House workshops available:

If you have any specific requirements please contact us to discuss in-house training options.