Health and Safety at Work is Improving, but More is Needed

Safeguard magazine have announced that one year on from the change of health and safety legislation in New Zealand, their annual survey shows optimism that engagement with health and safety at work has already improved.

Their most recent annual survey results showed that 78% of respondents believe health and safety is taken seriously, up from 67% in the previous year’s survey.

It appears there was further good news regarding the heightened emphasis on collaboration, with Safeguard reporting that 72% of respondents agreed that in their workplace, risks are discussed with other businesses which share the same site.  It is reported that in the previous year’s survey 63% agreed with that statement.

However, the positive results should not make workers or business owners complacent.  Other survey results indicate there are some areas where there wasn’t such a high level of confidence.  SafeGuard reported that only 48% of respondents felt confident that health of workers is taken seriously, whereas 78% were confident about safety.

Survey results perhaps indicated that there is still a feeling that the focus is driven more by compliance with legislation than seeing health and safety as an opportunity to improve (with only 46% of respondents feeling the latter applied in their workplace).  It may then not be surprising that only “47% of respondents were confident that no one would be harmed or made unwell by the activities carried out at their workplace”, which suggests there is still room for significant improvement overall. 

For a full copy of Safeguard’s article and details about how to obtain a complete table of results from the survey, please follow this link: