H & S Technology

With the legislation changing soon, and WorkSafe keen to achieve their 2020 goal of reducing workplace serious harms and deaths by 25%, it’s important to consider what improvements we can all make, especially any simple ways of supporting improvement to happen in our workplaces.

At the 2015 SafeGuard Conference on 27/28 May, exciting, and in one case, free, advances in technology were communicated that may be useful tools for many New Zealand workplaces.

One such tool was an application (app) called Zero Harm that NZTA have developed and now made available to all at no cost.  This app enables workers to report an incident, achievement or H&S idea on any smart device, and for the organisation to then follow trends and provide some reporting.

Anyone interested in obtaining it can email: Zeroharm@nzta.govt.nz

NZTA are also making available their other H&S tools on their website from July 2015, including multiple apps, e-learning modules, videos, standards and forums.  It’s this sort of great collaboration that may make achieving the 2020 goal possible.

Another technology discussed at the conference was the various devices available for workers that are isolated or who work alone.  One such device shown to conference delegates simply looked like an identity card, which the employee would wear.

There are a range of cellular and satellite devices available that have features such as panic buttons, mapping software, alert creation, two-way texting, scheduled check-ins, escalation if a check-in is missed, man down (if the device tilts more than 45 degrees) and two way voice where the voice is recorded at a monitoring station so that there is evidence of the incident. 

Online networks for support with H&S are also developing, with one such example (Blerter) promoted at the conference.  Check out their website for further details: www.blerter.com

If anyone is interested in seeking assistance with H&S improvements within their business, or would like to find out more about these devices, please contact us.