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At Chapman Employment Relations, we offer the following services:


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Personal Grievances

If you have ever received notification of a personal grievance or have been threatened with one, you know how concerning that can feel. We can alleviate some of your concern by providing sound, practical advice and assistance to address or defend the grievance.

Advocacy at Mediations

If you need to go to mediation to try to resolve an employment issue, you may want some help. We can attend mediation with you, representing your views and rights, and guiding you through the process, or we can work in the background helping you prepare for representing yourself. We will provide as much or as little help as you need.

Employee Exit Strategies and Negotiations

There are occasions when the best outcome for all parties is for the employment relationship to end. The difficultly is knowing how or when to raise the subject without getting yourself into hot water. If you think this solution may work for your circumstances we can assist you to safely get to the outcome you need.

Disciplinary Processes

Most managers and employers find giving an employee a disciplinary warning or dismissing them to be one of the most difficult responsibilities they have. Not only is it necessary to get the process correct, you also need to manage the human responses and reactions - the employee’s and your own. We can manage the process for you. At all times the decisions are yours, however we can prepare all the documentation, attend the meetings, do the speaking on your behalf and provide guidance at each stage of the process. Alternatively, if what you need is a sounding board to double check your process and thoughts, then we are happy to do this for you.

Restructuring and Redundancies

Redundancies are sometimes an unfortunate necessity for the best interests of your business. Knowing they are necessary doesn’t make them any easier to do. If you would like some help through this process we can assist and take some of the stress away from you in this difficult situation.

Performance Management

Do you have an employee that never quite meets the standards required, but always has an excuse (that is never their fault), or has an attitude that grates with everybody around them? Have you avoided the issues or tried to address it and nothing has changed (other than the attitude got worse)? If this is your situation we can help you manage the employee. We will guide and coach you through each step, attending meetings with the employee if that is what is needed, in order for you to have the performing employee you need, or moving to the disciplinary process and ultimately dismissal if necessary.


Have you found yourself in a situation where allegations have been made against one employee by another employee and you don’t know how to resolve  the situation? It may be an allegation or sexual or racial harassment, or bullying. We can conduct investigations into theses issues and provide recommendations on how to address the matter.

Managing Incompatibility

Are your employees not getting on with each other? Is there one particular employee that seems to annoy everyone else, but they can’t see the problem? Have you tried addressing the problem, but found the situation just got more hostile? If this sounds familiar and you want the problem resolved, contact us to discuss your options and how we can help.


If ‘Mondayitis’ and ‘Fridayitis’ are conditions affecting your employees, there are effective ways of managing it.

You may have an unfortunate situation where a long term employee has been diagnosed with cancer and is unlikely to return to work. Your business needs a permanent replacement but you don’t want to to be seen to be abandoning your employee, and you don’t know what to do.

If absenteeism is a concern for your business, whatever the situation, we can help you address the issue in a manner most appropriate to the circumstances.

Collective Negotiations

One of our specialities is representing employers at Collective Negotiations. We will lead the negotiations, plan strategy with you and ensure all the technical details are taken care of. Whether your work site has an existing Collective Employment Agreement, or a union has initiated bargaining with you for the first time, we can assist.

Advice on Annual Holidays, Public Holidays, Parental Leave, Sick and Bereavement Leave, Privacy Act, Wages Protection Act, and Human Rights Act.

If you have a question on any of these subjects, from calculating pay for working on a public holiday, through to trying to understand your obligations when an employee is taking parental leave, please give us a call and we can help.

Union Issues

Do you have a question about the union’s right to access your workplace, union stop work meetings, deducting union fees, union training days or any other union related matter? We can answer your questions and ensure you are up to date about your rights and responsibilities.